micpricesThere are 34 microphones with an average price of $79. Explore types like XLR or USB or Micro USB, suitable for recording studio or home recording, and weighing between 90g to 1121g

PriceConnectorWeightSens. (dB)Sens. (mV/Pa)ImpedanceFrequencyAffiliate Link
$62.5XLR20 - 20000 Hz
$79XLR90 g70 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$79XLR450 g350 Ω40 - 18000 Hz
$79.97XLR336 g50 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$49XLR450 g100 Ω40 - 20000 Hz
$86.36USB1042 g16 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$67.1XLR340 g-36 dB15.85 mV/Pa200 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$98XLR310 g-35.55 dB16.7 mV/Pa100 Ω
$55XLR900 g200 Ω40 - 18000 Hz
$67.49XLR250 Ω50 - 16000 Hz
$69.99340 g200 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$99.93XLR140 g-56.48 dB1.5 mV/Pa350 Ω40 - 15000 Hz
$85.59XLR50 - 20000 Hz
$79XLR-53.98 dB2 mV/Pa580 Ω52 - 15000 Hz
$99.99Micro USB218 g-42 dB7.94 mV/Pa20 - 20000 Hz
$89XLR455 g-32.4 dB24 mV/Pa200 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$99XLR461 g50 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$79XLR360 g300 Ω50 - 18000 Hz
$99XLR345 g100 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$89XLR284 g-54.52 dB1.88 mV/Pa310 Ω40 - 15000 Hz
$89XLR298 g-54.52 dB1.88 mV/Pa300 Ω50 - 15000 Hz
$99.95XLR400 g-55.92 dB1.6 mV/Pa250 Ω20 - 17000 Hz
$97.08XLR1121 g-31.7 dB26 mV/Pa50 Ω16 - 20000 Hz
$99.88USB386 g20 - 20000 Hz
$99.99XLR336 g50 Ω20 - 20000 Hz
$21.49280 g300 Ω50 - 18000 Hz
$59USB450 g100 Ω40 - 20000 Hz
$45XLR140 g-54 dB2 mV/Pa600 Ω50 - 18000 Hz
$99XLR184 g-56.48 dB1.5 mV/Pa150 Ω50 - 16000 Hz
$99.95XLR-36.48 dB15 mV/Pa30 - 20000 Hz
$99.95XLR544 g-36.48 dB15 mV/Pa200 Ω30 - 20000 Hz

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